This Woman’s Facebook Post Proves That Clothing Sizes Are A Pile Of Lies

Trying on clothes is one of the most loved and hated activities of all time. One moment you feel like a queen and they next you’re questioning your entire life.

We’ve learned before that pant sizes are just a figment of our own imagination. Retailers’ inconsistencies with sizing can unfortunately be an instant mood changer, usually in a really shitty way. That’s why everyone is falling in love with Facebooker Lucy Horsley.

Horsley explained:

“So the black jeans are a size 14 from new look and the blue ones are a size 18 from river island. How on earth can the bigger size be smaller?! No wonder so many girls have confidence issues and hate buying new clothes, why can’t the sizing be the same in every shop??”

On top of that, she added they’re both the same designs of jeans!

“NOTE – as this seems to be causing arguments, both of these jeans are high waisted, super skinny and super stretchy with the exact same fastening.”

This quickly went viral and people spoke about their rage within the comments.

This is why you cant compare !! M&S sizes are huge in comparison to river island and miss selfridge. We should buy what fits not what the labels says .

Im a size 10 my wardrobe has from size 6 – 14 in it and i fit in and wear it all go with whats comfortable and what fits dont get hung up on the size tag ladies .

Another woman further explained her frustration:

I agree with this and yes it does frustrate me. Im a size 10 and sometimes have to go up a size or two in places which I hate but depending on the company they go on different body shapes. H&M for example is a swedish comany and go off of a european body size. Its like going to china and expecting their clothes to fit the body shape of a british person. All shops are different, just go to the shops you get on with.

Whoever’s in charge of deciding these pant sizes must have been drunk and blindfolded. Or maybe he/she just thrives off of ruining days. So ladies, next time you decide to buy a pair of pants try to focus less on the number, and more on clothes that make you feel awesome.


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