Your S.O.’s Perfect Valentine’s Day, According To Their Sign

For some couples, Valentine’s Day can seem like a trap.

There are so many clichés and stereotypes associated with the holiday, that it often feels difficult to determine what will actually please your partner — as opposed to what commercial advertisements tell you will please your partner.

Fortunately, the stars are here to give you a helping hand! Here’s what will actually make your paramour feel appreciated on Valentine’s Day, according to their horoscope:



Aquarians like to try new things. Therefore, taking them to a restaurant you’ve been to before out of nostalgia won’t really earn you many points. Try a new fusion restaurant, or take them to some sort of science museum. Anything that appeals to Aquarius’ sense of discovery will be a winner.



Pisces is highly spiritual and sentimental, so anything that hearkens back to memories you’ve made together will have their hearts melting. They also love poetry, art and books, so any gifts of this nature will be greatly appreciated.



Easygoing Taurus doesn’t need (or want) the fuss of Valentine’s dinner reservations. They would much prefer a generous and delicious meal prepare at home — just don’t skimp on the wine. They don’t tend to be overly romantic in a traditional sense, so any books that appeal to their specific interests are especially appreciated.



First off, Aries doesn’t like being told what to, and much prefers to be in charge — so it’s usually best to float potential Valentine’s Day ideas by them before you make plans. That said, going to an event (even a sporting event) is right up their alley. A “quiet night in” isn’t going to earn any points with an Aries, and they would much prefer a date that keeps them out well into the evening.



Gemini’s keen mind always comes into play in their love life, so taking them to a well-curated comedy show or a puzzle room will make for a very harmonious Valentine’s Day. Don’t go for the sappy or standard sentimental gifts, as Gemini will have a hard time taking them seriously.



For Cancers, it’s not about how much you spend, it’s about how much time you spend thinking about them. Even if your gift isn’t flashy or high-end, adding a long, hand-written love letter or a framed photograph of the two of you together will have the right romance and nostalgia factor to send Cancer’s heart reeling.



Despite what they might tell you, Leo is a sucker for grand gestures. If you’re going to get them a gift, it should be the very best. If you’re going to get tickets to a concert, don’t skimp and get the nosebleed seats. This isn’t to say you necessarily need to spend a lot of money to impress Leo — but they secretly believe that they are Beyoncé, and love to be treated as such. Shower them with attentions and praise, and they’ll be smitten.



Virgo has exceptional taste, so they aren’t apt to tolerate noisy environments or campy entertainment. A quiet, tasteful dinner at a nice restaurant, or a home-cooked meal for two is the ticket to keeping Virgo happy. And when it comes to gifts, be genuine and thoughtful (though not saccharine), since Virgo can’t abide insincerity.



Libra loves beauty, so any place you take them for Valentine’s Day should be aesthetically pleasing, such as a gallery opening or art show. In general, Libra loves to feel as though they are having “the best,” so do your research when it comes to restaurants. Basically: as long as you make Libra feel exotic and interesting, they’ll be pleased. Anything predictable will likely make them feel boring and depressed.



Scorpio, the most sexual of all the signs, isn’t as interested in the dinner part of the evening as they are with the after-dinner shenanigans (*cough cough*). However, Scorpio has a distinct radar for bullsh*t — so buying tacky, highly-flammable lingerie isn’t necessarily the best way to get them in to bed. Scorpio prefers to feel enveloped in passion, so setting the mood with low lighting and tasteful music (NO BARRY MANILOW) will make them feel in their element.



It’s February, so an outdoor date may not be plausible, depending on where you live — but Sagittarius is so fun-loving and adventurous that, the more active your date can be, the better. They don’t necessarily care about the romantic trappings of the evening, as long as they can feel like they’re experiencing something new. Be careful not too get too “heavy” with your gift or declarations of love — Sagittarius has the most fun when keeping things light.



Capricorn desires a partner who is intellectually stimulating, and their ideal date night goes hand-in-hand with that predilection. Taking Capricorn to the theatre, a concert, or an art gallery is a surefire way to pique their interest. Just make sure that you’re on time — there’s nothing that annoys Capricorn more than someone who isn’t punctual.

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