16 Women Get Real About Why Guys Didn’t Make It Past The First Date

Guys, if you get turned down for a second date it might be because they didn’t understand your incredibly awesome humor or brilliant nuggets of wisdom. Or hey, maybe they straight-up ghosted because they wound up in jail. The reasons are endless. But hey, that’s their loss.

If you really want to make sure you weren’t unfairly shut down, these Reddit ladies have a couple of conclusions for you. For those struggling to get further than date one or two, listen up!

1. Realestatethrowawayf wants to date an adult, not child.

“too cool for school” attitude. We’re grown adults on a date. If you ask someone out (whether through an app or live), don’t then show up with a bad indifferent attitude.

2. Redditheel‘s date whipped it out too soon.

Because the penis was introduced too early. It’s like, too soon man. Too soon.

3. Nataliaspeaks was trying to be polite.

When I can’t get a word in. Then they ask, “Why are you so quiet? Are you shy?” No, it’s because you won’t shut the fuck up about yourself and I’m politely waiting my turn to speak.

4. Criticalmissy advises y’all to stay away from spice.

I’ll throw a weird one out there: If they order food that is clearly too spicy for them to handle comfortably.

I don’t know why I have gone on so many dates with guys who will order the highest heat level or the spiciest sauce and then proceed to just sit there through the whole date turning into a red faced, sweaty, crying, snot nosed mess that would painfully need a bathroom in a few hours. Their lips and hands get covered in stuff that doesn’t belong anywhere near my lady garden, not that I’d be turned on in the least.

I’m not saying don’t eat spicy food, and I know that there are tons of people out there who love spicy food and don’t have any issue with it. I’m saying that a first date is probably not the best time to prove how manly you are because your food was more painful to eat than other people’s food unless you know that you can eat it without turning into Slimer with an impending ring of fire.

5. Somekindofunicorn had a lizard kisser.

Being a terrible kisser, like not just slightly bad but actively awful, like kissing a lizard.

6. Lphamconfession wants you to listen up.

When a guy doesn’t really listen to me. Like I see his eyes gloss over as he figures out what he is going to say next.

7. Jazz2danz’s guy was obsessed.

First date was fine. But then he texted me 43 times over the next 24 hours

8. AbrexxisNexxis ran into an awkward situation.

While not common, I have to note that one also tried to guess my cup size over dinner on a first date.

9. DConstructed’s date only cared about one thing.

Pressuring for sex to an obnoxious “I don’t care what you want” degree.

It’s fine that you want to sleep with me but hey there is a person inside this body and they have an opinion too.

For what it’s worth I might have had sex with you if you’d been willing to wait a few times so I could get comfortable and not feel steamrolled. I liked you when we first met but you killed it.

10. Blindedbythesight had an intense experience.

Telling me that I looked like what they thought their wife would look like.

Piss off. That’s way too intense, you can think I seem like soulmate material (chances are, I’m not), but for fuck sake, don’t tell me that on the first date.

11. Hectorabaya was not a fan.

Condescension was always a big one for me. I had one guy explain why I was wrong about something I actually had professional credentials in and he had zero experience with, but he’d read a book that mentioned it.

12. SuedeVeil needs the sexual chemistry.

Sometimes you don’t do anything wrong, but there just isn’t a physical attraction.

13. Jazz2danz said it was a Massachusetts thing.

Punched the hood of a car when we were crossing the street and starting yelling and cursing at the guy in the car. Who got out of the car and then also started yelling and cursing

14. Dystopianview’s date was way different in person.

Guy lied on his online profile (if that’s how the date was set up). Biggest offenders here are: heights, weight, income, in that order.

15. Soeob went on a date with a dick.

He commented on how many calories were probably in the slice of pizza I was eating and how I should check out a pro-ana (anorexia) blog. I walked out on him.

16. Sweetragnarok had a cheap date.

I spent 6$ on my shrimp taco and he spent $7.50 on his fish ones. Didnt order drinks. Totally flipped why mine is a dollar cheaper than his. Pretty much bummed about it on our awkward dinner. I also found out at this point he hasnt had a GF since he was 16/17. He’s 32 now.

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