A Guy Found His Little Sister’s Bucket List, And It’s Giving The Internet Life Right Now

Kids are perverse geniuses, and anyone who thinks otherwise can fight me, because there is indisputable proof everywhere.

One Twitter user named Josh recently stumbled upon his little sister’s bucket list, and was truly vexed and disturbed by some of the goals that his younger sibling is hoping to accomplish in her lifetime.

For those of who who can’t read adolescent handwriting so well, the list is as follows:

1. eat a hammer head shark, snake, and bear

2. get a pet blobfish, kalo kola, sloth and flingo

3. get a sign that said something in a bifferent lagnage then on Mar, 12, 2019 I will translate it.

4. try Ariel silks

5. set in an empty room for an hour

6. eat 10 taco bell Dorito taco

7. win a taco bell Dorito taco eating contest

8. stay a sleep for 24 hours

9. pet a cheetah


Naturally, the whole list had Josh super confused. Sleeping for 24 hours? Sitting in an empty room? Translating a sign in two years? Is this simultaneously the most achievable and unachievable bucket list known to mankind?

Some people pointed out that the whole list seems bleak AF.

Naturally, Twitter is loving this girl’s super specific life goals.

As for that last blank space? Yeah, Josh is pretty sure that’s intentional, given the tone of the rest of the list.

Clearly Josh’s sister knows what’s up, though — because Taco Bell took a special interest in her list. So, she may just get to eat those ten Doritos tacos, free of charge.

And if you don’t believe that Josh’s sister is a true visionary of her generation, you can just direct your attention to some of his other sister-centric tweets.

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