Pam Beesly Is Allowed In Chili’s Again, And Fans Of ‘The Office’ Are Flipping Out

If you are a fan of The Office (okay, the American version, snobs), then you are well-aware of the episode “The Dundies,” in which the Dunder Mifflin staff attend an office awards ceremony at the local Chili’s. The episode culminates with the mild-mannered secretary Pam Beesly getting uncharacteristically drunk and unruly, and ultimately getting banned from the Chili’s restaurant chain.

Therefore, when Jenna Fischer, AKA Pam Beesly herself, happened to share a Twitter photo of herself standing in front of a Chili’s, Office fans everywhere rejoiced.

“Should I try to go in?” she asked her Twitter followers.

Some fans were made so emotional by the nostalgic callback that all they could do was respond with the appropriate reaction GIFs.

Others warned Fischer that she might still be banned from the restaurant chain …

… considering her character’s past drunken debauchery.

Some fans also recalled that Pam Beesly received the Dundie Award for Whitest Sneakers — so it would only be fitting to enter the establishment if she was wearing the appropriate footwear.

And let’s not forget that Pam had an intoxicated come-to-God moment in the middle of her acceptance speech …

… which the Chili’s official Twitter account was sure to mention.

I’m pretty sure this means that Pam Beesly’s Chili’s ban has been lifted. I mean, Chili’s basically gave her their blessing, right?

Here’s hoping Pam/Jenna got all of the baby back ribs she could possibly want, and that her margarita intake was slightly more chill this time.

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