This Beauty Blogger Is Telling People To Apply Their Makeup With Condoms, So Good Luck With That

If you thought condoms only had a single use, then you are in for quite the surprise.

Beauty blogger Laila Tahri recently posted a video in which she bemoaned the recent fad of silicone makeup applicators, saying that she prefers the consistency of actual sponges. However, makeup sponges are also known to absorb their fair share of liquid makeup, which can waste a considerable amount of product. So, what’s a crafty and economical girl to do?

Wrap a sponge in a condom, apparently.

Tahri tells her viewers that, although it may seem odd, a non-lubricated condom is just the ticket for anyone who’s looking to get the benefits of a SiliSponge without actually having to purchase one.

“The SiliSponge is super popular right now, and the good thing about a SiliSponge is that it’s not absorbing (of) product. But, I do prefer, after trying out the SiliSponge, I do prefer the sponge. The normal sponge. But then I thought, if you just put some plastic around it, maybe it works still the same, and … the sponge will not absorb all the makeup.”

She reminds viewers that washing the “stuff” (i.e., sexual lubricant) off of the condom before cosmetic use is very important. “I’ve heard that there’s silicone stuff in (the lubricant), and that’s not good for your skin, so I’m gonna wash it.”

She then rolls the egg-shaped sponge into the condom, and the whole thing is reminiscent of the most bizarre Sex Ed class you’ve ever witnessed. She points out that you should put the “tip” of the sponge right in the “tip,” or semen depository, of the condom.

However, once Tahri starts applying her foundation with the condom-sponge hybrid, two things become abundantly clear: first, the foundation is way too dark for her skin tone. Second, the weird condom-sponge actually works. Tahri’s makeup application is flawless (even if the foundation color is reminiscent of Donald Trump for a hot second).

So, hey, the next time you’re at the drugstore, maybe consider swinging by the “Family Planning” aisle for some condoms. They’ll keep you from getting pregnant and they’ll keep you from wasting your liquid makeup. What’s not to love?

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