This Cop Is Going Viral After Joining A Dance Battle With College Students

We can always count on Canada to provide some form of lighthearted refuge when we need them most. While the U.S. may be attempting to deal with a tumultuous political environment, the most recent news coming out of Canada is viral video of a cop joining in a spontaneous dance battle with a group of university students.

The footage is downright amazing and will most certainly give you life today. Just your normal Canada things, right?

A cop in Ontario responded to a 911 call about a fight in downtown Oshawa only to find a group of students filming a dance video.

Jarrod Singh a constable with the Durham Regional Police Service was the first to arrive on the scene and was pleasantly surprised at what he discovered.

“I saw eight people gathered around one person, so I can see how a member of the public thought it was a fight,” Singh said. “But when I got closer I could see he was break dancing in the middle and there was someone filming it.”

That’s when Singh decided to get in on the action with his own dance moves while the cameras continued to roll, thank god. He freestyle battled one of the dancers, a 23-year-old Mahdi Tarfi.

Tarfi was understandably relieved by the officer’s lax nature and impressed with Singh’s killer moves.

“I was like, OK, this guy can move,” Tarfi told ABC News. “He finished and was going to leave and I said, ‘No man, it’s not that easy,’ and asked him to do another dance with me.”

A Toronto-based design company known as Vivid Media Co. was filming the students’ video for an upcoming dance competition when Singh boogied his way into frame.

The company shared this incredible footage on their Facebook Thursday and the spontaneous dance-off has since garnered over 1 million views.

Singh’s smooth moves may have shocked many of us online, but apparently he’s no stranger to gettin’ down.

According to the police statement, he was a member of a Durham College dance troupe that once opened a show for rapper Rick Ross.

Dayum, officer got some moves…

One ticket to Canada, please.

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