Chrissy Teigen Dyed Her Hand Green With Fun Dip But Twitter’s Got Some Solutions For Her

Chrissy Teigen is not only a gorgeous super model with one of the most envious celebrity relationships in Hollywood, she’s also extremely funny and always keeps it 100% real. That’s probably why her fans are always eager to rush to her aid, like they did recently when she accidentally dyed her hand green.

Twitter’s girlfriend (and Berry crush) Chrissy Teigen ran into an interesting problem on Saturday:

Fun Dip, for those poor souls who are unfamiliar, consists of multiple packets of flavored sugar along with a couple sugar sticks to eat it with:


So what happened to the stick Chrissy?

Rookie mistake.

Her fans rushed to the rescue, and some had some good advice:

Some people got dramatic:

But this might be the best idea of all:

We can’t wait to see how she copes tonight at the Grammys

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