Girl Got Caught In A Terrible Lie After Mixing Up Valentine’s Gifts

Every once in a while people have a “What was I thinking?” moment. Usually it’s just a simple case of denial about those jeans not fitting, or maybe we probably shouldn’t have eaten that entire cookie cake. But whatever, life goes on.

It’s natural to make mistakes but when it applies to gift-giving someone your terrible idea times the regret by 100, because you’re affecting someone else’s emotions other than yourself.

People took to Reddit to share their worst V-Day gift stories and one guy’s experience was literally a living nightmare.

Shlong_Roy shared how his girlfriend messed up.

“Girl I stared dating a couple of months before Valentine’s Day just got out of a long term relationship with her high school sweetheart. I didn’t know she was still in contact with him when we were dating. She handed me a cute little bag with candy and a card. As I opened the card and read her pouring out her soul to her ex boyfriend about how much she still thinks about him and loves him. Evidently she made two gift bags. One for me and one for the ex and mixed them up.”

He further explained her awkward, emotional response after realizing she fucked up.

“She saw on my face that as I read the card she fudged up. I just told her she should probably go. And she started to cry. And the “I’m sorry, I really do care about you” started. It was pretty shitty.”

After someone asked him how he reacted, he gave a sweetly honest response that makes us want to give him a hug.

“After she left I just sat there. In my bed. With the little bag. I ate the chocolates and the little teddy bear she gave me. It smelled like her perfume (Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue) to this day when I smell that perfume I think of her. And honestly in 20/20 I’m not that mad. She was a young girl (19) who rushed into a relationship to fast after getting her heart broken. I’m still pissed that she ended up dating he douche bag ex-bf again. He was a piece of crap. But that’s a whole other story. Edit: I held the little teddy bear though eating it makes it funnier.”

This is like the PG version of a Jerry Springer episode and we’re glad Shlong_Roy is no longer dating a tool. For everyone thinking about doing something they probably shouldn’t be doing this Valentine’s Day, take a minute and consider the consequences.

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