This Adorably Distracted Beagle Is All Of Us Today

Just as people are often judged by unrealistic beauty standards in pageants, canines competing in the Westminster Dog Show are also subject to elite expectations. Both of which I find a little ludicrous, what if a dog just wants to be a dog and do goofy dog things? They’re not flawless specimens and neither are we.

This is probably why I can’t get enough of Mia the Beagle who is becoming internet famous after getting adorably distracted at several points during her agility course. Tbh, I think we can all relate.

Mia the Beagle became hilariously distracted during her performance at the Westminster Dog Show in New York and people are loving it.

She may not have won the agility competition, but she sure as hell won our hearts.

“That was a delightfully entertaining run,” the announcer says in the clip.

Mia’s performance was by far the most entertaining as she took time to stop and look over the crowd…


“Guys should I run up this ramp or nah?”

 And had a quick break for some personal hygiene.


“I just need a minute, okay?”

Viewers could not get enough of this adorable goober.

Mia is my hero.

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