This Dog’s Beyoncé-Inspired Maternity Photos Are Too Pure For This World

It seems as though Beyoncé’s capacity for inspiring others knows no bounds. Everyone is looking to channel that indomitable Bey spirit — even if they’re dogs.

Last week, Beyoncé nearly broke the internet when she announced that she and Jay Z were pregnant with twins, accompanied by this iconic Instagram photo.

The photoshoot inspired many knockoffs and memes — but none have matched Bey’s level of artistic purity until now.

A pregnant Chihuahua named Gwen recently posed for a Beyoncé-inspired photoshoot, and nearly killed everyone with her adorable homage to the Queen. Her owner, Geovanna, was responsible for the brilliant idea, but I think we can all agree that Gwen is the real source of star power, here.

Geovanna explained that she had been looking for a way to announce her pupper’s pregnancy to the world, but was having difficulty coming up with ideas — that is, of course, until divine inspiration struck.

“I didn’t know how,” she told Mashable, “but when I saw Beyoncé announce hers it was the perfect fit since my dog is having twins as well.”

(And if you’re squealing over the though of twin Chihuahua puppies, you’re not alone.)

Gwen’s photoshoot was an admirable homage to Bey, complete with a lush floral background, some draped green netting, and a dark red ribbon meant to emulate Beyoncé’s maroon lace bra. Gwen was also a natural when it came to posing like ‘Yonce, as her posture was positively royal.

Gwen’s puppies are apparently due around February 14 or 15, so please stay tuned for the birth of these celebrity dog babies.

Also, everyone can stop spoofing Beyoncé’s maternity shoot, because I think we’ve officially reached the pinnacle.

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