Rihanna Snuck A Bedazzled Flask Into The Grammys Because She DGAF

Last night, Rihanna basically embodied the general sentiment of most Americans trying to stay awake during the Grammys by bringing in her own, glittery flask, and imbibing periodically.

Now, I don’t know much about the Grammys, but I’m fairly certain that bringing your own alcoholic beverages to the event is “highly discouraged.” However, nobody tells RiRi what to do, and for that, we can all be eternally grateful.

Rihanna’s Grammy “date” stayed hidden in her clutch until the most opportune moments — i.e., whenever Rihanna was feeling bored, or inattentive, or far too sober.

The 59th GRAMMY Awards - Roaming Show

But let’s be clear: she definitely wasn’t being coy about her alcoholic sidepiece. In fact, she proudly posed for photographers.

The 59th GRAMMY Awards - Roaming Show

Occasionally she tried to be a bit more subtle, covering the flask with her hand whenever she posed for photographs with other people.


But, ultimately, Rihanna came to party.


Naturally, fans were totally in love with Rihanna’s flask antics, especially when it looked like she was sneaking sips during the broadcast.

RiRi even posted about her beloved flask on Instagram, thereby solidifying their love.

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Considering the fact that Rihanna was nominated for seven Grammys and won a total of zero, it’s really not surprising that she felt the need to turn to a little bit of alcoholic comfort during the telecast. Honestly, considering how out-of-touch and irrelevant the entire awards ceremony seemed, everyone sitting at home and watching on their televisions was probably doing the same thing.

Rihanna: thanks for reminding us all that the best cure for loss is taking a shot and dancing our asses off.

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