14 Gifts Your Furry Valentine Deserves

Animals are just better than people. It’s a fact. And anyone who says otherwise has never looked into the loving eyes of a dog who just wants to be near you. Or a cat who snuggles up just to make sure her scent is on you for every cat to smell. Animals are too good for this world, and far more than we deserve.

On Valentine’s Day (and all year round) if your pet is the light of your life – your reason to get home as quickly as possible at the end of the day – let them know it.

1. This fence window so your dog can keep a better lookout on the neighbors for you.


Get it on Amazon for $41.78

2. Or for apartment dwellers, this real grass patch for your pup to potty on from the balcony.


Get it on Amazon for $28.04

3. This adorable teepee for your pet to just get away for awhile.


Get it on Amazon for $54.99

4. This “slow down” healthy eating habit-creating food bowl because you care about their tum-tums.


Get it on Amazon for $11.59

5. This treat ball that keeps your dog busy and encourages brain stimulation.


Get it on Amazon for $11.61

6. This organic paw pad soother for puppers who like to get out and play vigorously.


Get it on Amazon for $23.95

7. This non-slip seat cover that protects your car and keeps your pup from sliding around and upsetting their stomaches.


Get it on Amazon for $26.97

8. This doggie raincoat for pups who don’t want to ruin their recent trip to the groomers.


Various sizes on Amazon starting at $59.95

9. This Bubble Backpack Pet Carrier for very inquisitive pets who love to travel. 


Get it on Amazon for $72.99

10. These all-natural dog treats to keep your pupper’s tail wagging happily.


Get it on Amazon for $19.00

11. This portable water bowl that fills up when you squeeze the bottle.


Get it on Amazon for $20.95

12. This treat launcher that rewards your dog while getting in some extra exercise.


Get it on Amazon for $9.99

13. This cat tree that is the ultimate in kitty luxury.


Get it on Amazon for $84.30

14. This self-warming kitty sack for when there aren’t any sunlit spots in the house for your cat to recline in.


Get it on Amazon for $16.99

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