Nobody Can Agree On Whether Or Not These Valentine’s Cookies Are Total Trash

We’ve all stumbled upon these particular doughy sugar cookies when browsing through the baked goods section of the grocery store.

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You know the ones I’m talking about — the actual “cookie” section is completely devoid of flavor and is essentially raw, while the frosting is excessively sugary and is almost an inch thick. They are a truly bizarre supermarket sensation, and, if I may be totally honest, I am completely smitten with these baked abominations.

Can they technically be called “cookies” if they’re almost raw? Are they some sort of variation on cupcakes? I don’t know, but it hardly matters, because I’ve already shoved twelve into my mouth while contemplating these questions.

Despite my personal affinity for these cookies, I can also understand that they are a somewhat divisive dessert. Recently, a Twitter war broke out over whether or not these cookies are actually disgusting, and things got pretty contentious.

It all began when one Twitter user named Taylor Haugen send out a somewhat controversial tweet declaring the iconic cookies to be “pieces of shit.”

Much to her surprise, Taylor found that she had inadvertently triggered members of the Twitterverse with her cookie remark.

Some people were on Taylor’s side, however, saying that they also didn’t get the craze surrounding the cookies. (Traitors.)

Ultimately, Taylor stuck to her guns on this highly-debated issue.

However, Taylor tells BuzzFeed that the social media backlash may have convinced her to keep her pastry perspectives off of Twitter in the future.

“I will never change my opinion on them,” she says. “Though I don’t think I’ll voice my opinions on other baked goods anymore.”

You do you, Taylor.

Meanwhile, I’m going to go buy some flavorless pieces of shit, in a show of solidarity.

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