Guys Have A Funeral For Their Friend In A Relationship Since He’s Basically Dead Anyway

It’s always tragic when a fellow single person suddenly jumps into a romantic relationship and starts playing for the Couple Team. Even if they’re committed to maintaining friendships, it’s never quite the same, as their priorities have shifted. And, even though you’re ultimately happy for them, let’s be honest: it can still be kind of a drag.

A group of guys recently experienced this very “loss” when one of their buddies got a girlfriend. Their method of coping? Hokding a funeral for their formerly single friend who was “taken” by his newfound committed relationship, of course.

The guys hosted a full-on wake for their “late” friend, Adam Milner, complete with a photo of the “dearly departed,” as well as a collection of his favorite things: a pack of cigarettes, a video game controller, a snapback cap, and several video games.


The guests all wore suits and ties, as was only fitting of the bereaved.


Adams friend, Ben Hull, spoke at the funeral, bemoaning the loss of the group’s dear friend. The boys then joined together to sing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You,” and made plans to have drinks in honor of Adam’s memory on Friday night.

Milner was not invited to his own funeral, because, as Hull told BuzzFeed, “We didn’t think it would be right for him to attend.”

Hull tweeted out photos from the funeral, which quickly gained traction on Twitter, garnering over 22,000 likes.

As for Adam? Well, it sounds like he took his own “death” in stride.

“Afterwards, Adam thanked us all for our hard work,” Hull told BuzzFeed. “He also said he would look over all of us.”

Apparently Adam’s girlfriend was also cool with the faux funeral, finding the whole thing to be funny rather than insulting. “She knows what we are like,” Hull says.

So, if your friend is going to be taken into the Relationship Cult, perhaps that’s the very least you can hope for: that they’re dating someone who appreciates your friendship and your (bizarre) sense of humor.

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