Chris Evans Is Fighting Neo-Nazis On Twitter Because He’s Basically Captain America IRL

Captain America vs. The KKK?

In the newest installment of celebrity twitter wars, Chris Evans is taking on David Duke in what sounds like would be an incredible plot for the next Captian American movie. Hey Marvel, hope you’re taking notes.

Chris Evans and the former Imperial Wizard of the KKK, David Duke, have been sparring on Twitter for some time now.



Drag him, Cap!

Most recently, David Duke spouted off about a few of the stars Chris Evans has taken photos with in the past, some of which he dated, some who were just his movie costars.

Chris clearly has good taste because all of these women are incredible.

Evans had the perfect response…

Twitter wanted to give Chris a virtual group hug.

And many people’s love for Captain America was reignited.





Chris Evans 2020. He’s got my vote.

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