It’s F*cking Science: Red Wine Helps You Have Great Sex

While most forms of alcohol are liable to increase your libido, red wine is known to give you that over-the-top warm tingling sensation that just makes sex so much more stimulating.

There’s even a considerable amount of scientific research¬†to¬†explain why our arousal becomes so heightened after downing a few glasses of this grape-infused beverage. Safe to say, it’ll make a wine-lover out of you.

Research says that red wine is the best alcoholic drink to have before sex.

Aside from the fact that it has the ability to prevent us from becoming obese, lower our risk of diabetes, prevent memory loss, and help battle depression, red wine is also proven to increase sexual arousal.

A study conducted by a group¬†of Italian researchers¬†back in 2009 found that the chemical compounds in red wine actually enhance levels of sexual desire and increase blood flow to women’s erogenous areas.

The findings for men were equally enticing. Not only does red wine help loosen things up and increase blood flow to specific areas, it also increases testosterone levels in the blood. The compound Quercetin blocks the UGT2B17 enzyme (used by the male body to flush out testosterone) and by doing so allows for a more¬†intense sexual “appetite.”

So, pretty great news all around.

However, the study points out that moderation is key.

A few glasses will put you right in that flushed warm happy place, but too much wine will of course, lead to a sloppy unsatisfying encounter. One bottle between the two of you is typically the perfect amount for an intimate and enjoyable night.

There you have it, yet another reason why we should all be drinking more wine.


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