Kristen Bell Just Shared 11 Freaking Cute Seconds Of Her ‘Happiest Day’ With Dax Shepard

Part of me gets annoyed when people tout Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard as “#CoupleGoals” (because that phrase is CANCELED), but the other half of me has to begrudgingly admit that the general consensus about this celebrity couples is correct.

Not only do both Shepard and Bell seem like very down-to-earth people, but they’ve both been extremely honest about the amount of work it takes to have a successful relationship, even if you love the person. In interviews, Bell has even been frank about the fact that she and Shepard both go to couples therapy. This sense of normalcy is kind of rarifying in the world of Hollywood, and I guess, in a way, it really does solidify the notion that these two have an admirable relationship.

Basically (*sigh*), as some might say, they really are #CoupleGoals. (I cringed, but I meant it.)

For Valentine’s Day yesterday, Bell decided to celebrate her bae with a little throwback Instagram from her and Shepard’s wedding day:

Here are 11 seconds of one of my happiest days. Driving in the ’67 Lincoln to the courthouse, listening to #brettdennen on a mix My Valentine made especially for this particular ride. I’m filled with excitement and nervous energy. And then he floors it- just to make me giggle. I love you with my whole heart, @daxshepard – for everything you are and all that you have taught me. Happy Valentine’s day. #happyvalentinesday #valentines #valentinesday

The video features an ecstatic-looking Shepard behind the wheel of the aforementioned ’67 Lincoln, waving at Kristen and asking “You wanna get married?” before hitting the gas and making Kristen laugh.

I mean, my cold, dead heart is wary of any sappy or sentimental displays of affection, and even I am not immune to the cuteness of this video. Valentine’s Day is absolutely stupid, but there may just be some warm, fuzzy goodness to be gleaned from this contemptible holiday, after all.

Kristen and Dax: Keep making everyone envious, you guys.

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