People Are Loving This Guy’s Savage Valentine’s Day Prank On His Girlfriend

Valentine’s Day is a time for love, flowers, and apparently, some hilariously savage pranks. At least, that’s what one woman from Northern Ireland discovered after her boyfriend elaborately fooled her into thinking they were going on a romantic getaway. Unfortunately for her, this was not the case, but the internet is getting a kick out of his clever Valentine’s ploy.

Laura’s boyfriend Jonathan led her to believe that they would be taking a romantic trip together for Valentine’s Day.


He sent her this text dropping not-so subtle hints about a Parisian rendezvous. To which she began to freak TF out as we all would.

The clever prankster continued to bait Laura by mentioning flights to Barcelona, eluding to a full on European tour.

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Of course, this REALLY made her lose it.

Then, just when we thought she might have a heart attack, Jonathan responded with this savage screenshot.


Turns out there was never a trip to begin with. Instead of going to either Paris or Barcelona, they were going to watch a soccer game (not in person, however since the game would be in Paris.)


Laura decided to share the entire prank conversation to Twitter and her followers could not get enough.

“This boy is getting smacked into 2018 when I see him,” she wrote.

However, she did feel the need to clarify that she wasn’t that mad and has since forgiven Jonathan.

At least they both have a good sense of humor.

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