Guy Goes Off On Date For Having The Nerve To Call Him ‘A Little Much’

Navigating the ocean of dating can be an arduous and grueling process — and occasionally, you’re going to get turned down. It’s just statistically bound to happen. It’s never a pleasant occurrence, but it’s life.

However, some people have absolutely no chill when it comes to being romantically rejected by someone.

Redditor Lossaysswag recently posted an exchange between a friend and some guy after they went out on their first date. The friend wasn’t really feeling it, and decided to tell the guy (I’m going to call him “Jeremy” because he seems like a Jeremy) that she wasn’t interested in further pursing a romantic relationship with him. Even though she was perhaps a tad brusque in her brush-off of Jeremy, she was admirably direct and honest about the fact that she simply wasn’t interested.

Naturally, Jeremy respected her wishes and left her alone.

Haha, just kidding, that would never happen.


Jeremy became extremely agitated, telling her that she clearly preferred “childish men” who “treated her wrong.” (Right, because you’re acting like such a gentleman right now, Jeremy.)

He then went on to patronize her, accusing her of having unresolved issues, and saying that he hoped she could “explain” her mindset to him one day. (Because she must be a CRAZY person to turn down Charming Jeremy.)


He also felt the need to say that there was no way the woman worked as a lawyer, which is probably the lamest insult of all-time. Like, what, rejecting a date makes you incapable of representing someone in court?

He then signs off with what he clearly hoped was a scathing exit line by saying “I’m entertaining you, not the other way around.”

Yeah, Jeremy. It sounds like you have NO INTEREST IN THIS WOMAN WHATSOEVER. That’s why you took the time to send her nine consecutive text messages in a row.

Oh, well. Such is the hazard of dating in modern times.

Now, I’ll bet you $20 that says Jeremy texts back in 24 hours and says “So you’re not even going to respond?”

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