15 Pieces Of Jewelry For The Girl Who’s Always Pissed Off

Jewelry is intended to make a statement. And for some of us, that statement might just be “fuck off.”

Your accessories should reflect your personality, and it’s very possible that your personality is far from perky. In fact, you may be downright crabby in your daily life. So, why not nab some necklaces, rings and trinkets that send a message more befitting of your tempestuous personal brand?

Here are some jewelry pieces for any girl who has zero patience for the world and its bullshit, and just wants some accessories that feel the same way.

1. This cute cat who actually has no patience for catcalling.


Get it here for $16.37.

2. This snake pins that warns all haters and naysayers to watch their damn step.


Get it here for $10.

3. This ring that would rather everyone stop talking, turn around and walk away.


Get it here for $12.50.

4. This lollipop necklace that wards off all “morning people.”


Get it here for $19.99.

5. A pin that accurately describes the contents of your soul on any given day.


Get one here for $10.

6. This tiny cup of male tears for you to sip on after you make all the boys cry.


Get it here for $6.55.

7. This pin that dares any f*ckboys to try and spit some game.


Get it here for $6.55.

8. This ring that’s actually a pretty accurate label.


Get one here for $14.50.

9. This necklace that basically tells everyone, “Thanks, but no thanks.”


Get it here for $15.

10. These earrings that aren’t here to be patronized.


Get a pair here for $6.99.

11. These earrings that defend your introverted sensibilities.


Get a pair here for $10.

12. This pin that tells all the losers to step off.


Get one here for $15.85.

13. A pin that pretty much describes your outlook on life.


Get it here for $8.

14. This set of earrings that just tells it like it is.


Get a pair here for $9.

15. This pin that gives everyone one last burn before you walk away.


Get it here for $8.

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