The Internet Is Cry-Laughing Over The Dog In The Background Of This Robert Downey Jr. Photo

Paparazzi photos are rarely flattering, but they usually incriminate their human subjects. Never before have I seen a candid snapshot that seemed to cast aspersions on a celebrity animal.

But, there’s a first for everything, isn’t there?

Recently, the internet became collectively obsessed with a paparazzi photo of Robert Downey Jr., his wife, and their friends at an outdoor gathering. And no — the humans were not the subjects of interest in the photo (sorry, RDJ). Rather, it was the dog in the bottom corner which caused the internet to do a collective double-take.

Seriously. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS? It truly looks like there’s some baffling, WTF-level shenanigans going on in the corner of this photo.


As far as anyone can tell, some human person is arrange in some sort of face-down position, with their legs splayed in the air, and this golden retriever is (*ahem*) really into it.

Naturally, Twitter is full of speculations. And by “speculations,” I mean “puns” and “pervy jokes.”

I think everyone is ignoring the more pressing aspect of this confusing photo, which is: why is there a body laying there with their legs in the air? We obviously know that the whole dog scenario is more innocent than it looks, and that this poor yellow Lab was just caught at an unflattering moment — but what explanation can you possibly give me for somebody sitting upside down in what looks like a convertible?

Considering RDJ’s sense of humor, I doubt we will be getting any clarification on this vexing mystery any time soon. Until then, I’m just going to say that I hope this doesn’t affect this poor dog’s personal life too much.

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