Best Student Ever Spent Months Crafting Valentine’s Day Surprises For His 1,300 Classmates

This Valentine’s Day, the inhabitants of Troy High school got a special surprise from one student who went above and beyond to spread the love.

Every student at Troy High School in Troy, Ohio arrived at school on Tuesday to find a handmade valentine waiting for them on their locker.

“YOU ARE LOVED” reads the beautifully crafted paper heart.

An anonymous student posted handmade origami valentines on 1,300 school lockers, as well as passed them out to teachers and staff.

A truly incredible feat, the project must have taken a few months for the student to put together. According CBS News, Katherine Weaver, the principal of Troy High School thought that “to have someone so dedicated to every single person in this building — that’s just an amazing quality for anybody to have, especially a high school student.” The student responsible wishes to remain anonymous.

This kid deserves an A in every class forever.

Troy High School’s Facebook page shared the images and it has amassed over 4,500 likes, 1,700 shares, and 200 comments.

best student ever spent months making origami valentines for his 1300 classmates 2 Best Student Ever Spent Months Crafting Valentines Day Surprises For His 1,300 Classmates

Kudos to you, anonymous origami master. You made an entire nation’s day.

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