5 People Who Made Us Say ‘Aw, HELL Naw!’ This Week

It seems like not a week goes by without somebody pulling some lame or tasteless shenanigans that make us say, in unison, “Wait, what?

Because if there’s one thing you can count on public figures for, it’s an endless stream of social gaffes, questionable choices, and tweets they definitely regretted in the morning.

Here are just a few folks who made this week’s list of unfortunate life choices. Let’s collectively learn from their unfortunate errors, shall we?

1. The Grammys

Look, the 2017 Grammys were a bust, you guys. With the exception of a few stellar live performances, the awards show has never felt crustier or more out of touch than this year in particular.

How so?

Well, they snubbed freakin’ “Lemonade,” the Beyoncé album that essentially defined 2016, and instead gave the album a modest win for Best Urban Contemporary Album. (Which I didn’t even realize was a category until this year.) Even Adele, who ended up winning the Grammy for Album of the Year, told the press “what the f*ck does (Beyoncé) have to do to win Album of the Year?”

I don’t know, Adele, but “Lemonade” should have been a lock.

2. Whoever Emailed Out This “Media Accountability Survey”

screen shot 2017 02 17 at 1 59 22 pm 5 People Who Made Us Say Aw, HELL Naw! This Week

Following an uneven, untruthful and frankly outrageous press conference on Thursday, someone on Trump’s team sent out a “Mainstream Media Accountability Survey” to everyone on their email list (i.e., Trump supporters) to gauge the public’s general consensus on media coverage concerning Trump.

The problem is that the questions are almost comically leading, and feature phrases such as “On which issues does the mainstream media do the worst job of representing Republicans?” and “Do you believe that the mainstream media has been too eager to jump to conclusions about rumored stories?”

Presumably, this survey was intended to be circulated among constituents who strongly agree with the bias that is clearly present in this poll, so that the Trump administration can say “Well, our polls indicate that everyone thinks the mainstream media is biased.”

And if you don’t think this survey is terrifying, take a gander at the last question: “Do you believe that our Party should spend more time and resources holding the mainstream media accountable?”

 I’ll leave it to your imagination to come up with what “holding the mainstream media accountable” might indicate.

3. Dr. Luke

31st Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards

Some disturbing emails were released this week, as part of the legal battle to free Kesha from her recording contract with producer Dr. Luke, which indicate that the producer is guilty of body-shaming and emotionally abusing the singer.

The email from Dr. Luke to Kesha and her manager, Monica Cornia, include remarks such as “A-list songwriters and producers are reluctant to give Kesha their songs because of her weight.” In one email, Dr. Luke even disparages Kesha for “breaking” her diet:

Nobody was calling anybody out… We were having a discussion on how she can be more disciplined with her diet. there have been many times we have all witnessed her breaking her diet plan. this perticular (sic) time — it happened to be diet coke and turkey while on an all juice fast.

Dr. Luke has since claimed that the emails were taken “out of context” (is there a context in which criticizing someone’s weight isn’t a dick move?), asserting that he was just being supportive, and that Kesha and her team are actually the party at fault here.

Um. Yeah. Okay. Because I’m sure Kesha encouraged you to make disparaging remarks about her body.



Look, it’s not like we were truly invested in an *NSYNC reunion. But at least the possibility was a fun thing to muse about during drunken trivia nights!

However, it looks like that dream has been officially crushed.

Although former *NSYNC member Lance Bass made some remarks which seemed to tease a future reunion, the official *NSYNC Twitter account has shut that shit down.


5. Teens Who Pose Like This For Photos

Apparently, posing for photos by using her hand to cover your nose and mouth (like you’re embarrassed, not like you smell something rancid) is the hot new trend among the under-18 crowd.

Which just gives me another reason to loathe the under-18 crowd, honestly.

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