The ‘Tiny Trump’ Meme Is Making Everyone Laugh Through Their Terror

President Trump’s decisions and behavior are often difficult to fathom or understand. (And that’s me attempting to be as politic as possible.)

However, Trump’s modus operandi makes much more sense if you picture him as a tiny, infantile toddler. All of the puzzle pieces fall into place when we imagine that he is actually an immature child attempting to govern the country. Sure, it doesn’t make the current state of the nation any less terrifying — but at least it makes Trump’s motivations seem understandable as opposed to deranged. And isn’t there some tiny sliver of comfort in that?

This very sentiment has inspired the now-iconic Tiny Trump meme, which sprang forth from the depths of Reddit last night. The subreddit, r/TinyTrumps, currently has over 15,000 subscribers and specializes in curating Photoshopped images of the commander-in-chief as a stunted, tiny little man-boy.

Thanks to this new meme trend, we now have a whole treasure trove of miniaturized Trump photos to delight us while the actual Trump wreaks havoc everywhere.

Tiny Trump meets with President Obama and listens in rapt attention, dangling his legs over the edge of his giant chair.


President Tiny Trump gives Air Force One two little bitty thumbs up.

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Tiny Trump can walk all by himself, just watch.


He can even hold a big boy pen and write his name in actual cursive. Someone please give him a gold star.


Tiny Trump will figure out a way to take a photo with his VP someday. But not today.

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What, this little patch of grass doesn’t look like a golf course to you guys?

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Tiny Trump has to be especially careful when encountering large sets of stairs.


Tiny Trump doesn’t appreciate meeting new people right before his bedtime.


Tiny Trump finally figures out a way to take selfies.


Can you feel the weeping turning into laughter yet? Just give it a minute.

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