16 Things You Need If You’re Constantly Forgetting Sh*t

If you’re slightly absentminded, like me, life can easily turn into you perpetually traipsing around the house with a confused expression on your face. Whether it’s your keys, your phone, your wallet, or a piece of paper with an important phone number on it, forgetfulness can jeopardize many of our most important possessions (including our sanity).

Fortunately, there are some life-saving products out there to save forgetful folk from, well — ourselves.

Here are some handy gadgets you might consider trying if you misplace things more often than you find them. Your boss, your friends and everyone else in your life will greatly appreciate the fact that these items might just enable you to actually find your keys and show up on time.

1. Use this waterproof notepad to keep track of random ideas you suddenly remember in the shower.


Get it here for $7.65.

2. Store your toothbrushes in this sterilizer, in case you (definitely) forget to clean them.


Get one here for $19.99.

3. Get this customizable doormat to give you last-minute reminders before you leave the house.


Get a customized version here for $60.

4. If you have difficulty remembering numeric codes, get this combination lock that uses images instead.


Get it here for $4.50.

5. If you’re someone who pours a cup of coffee and then forgets about it halfway through, use this USB cup warmer to keep your drink hot.


Get one here for $9.99.

6. Attach a Tile square to your keys or wallet to help you automatically locate their whereabouts with the help of your phone.


Get one here for $24.99.

7. Try this portable charging cord that attaches to your keychain (so you don’t have to pester other people about borrowing theirs).


Get it here for $24.95.

8. Get a hallway organizer for your bags, jackets and umbrellas, so you always have everything that you need right by the door.


Get one here for $99.

9. Try this handy notepad to prevent you from forgetting every single thing you need to buy at the grocery store.


Get one here for $8.10.

10. Get an outlet timer, so you’ll never accidentally leave a light on again.


Get it here for $12.76.

11. Use this handy magnetic shelf to keep your pesky keys and phone all in one place.


Get one here for $24.75.

12. If you’re always forgetting to get cash (SAME), then attach this emergency money capsule to your keyring.


Get it here for $7.95.

13. Get some watering spikes to keep your plants constantly hydrated — because we both know you forget to water them.


Get a set of four here for $15.95.

14. Use this solar-powered charger to keep your phone alive without having to remember to plug it in.


Get it here for $18.99.

15. Get this handy door hanger as a last-ditch effort to remind you of important things before you leave the house.


Get one here for $8.95.

16. Use this toilet seat sticker if your boyfriend is the one with the bad memory. (*AHEM*)


Get it here for $3.50.

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