This Girl Hilariously Went Undercover To Stake Out Her BFF’s First Date, Because True Friendship Is Creepy

Having a best friend makes you do crazy and inexplicable things. You become so invested in your bestie’s life decisions that their failures and triumphs become your failures and triumphs. If they call, you’ll answer the phone, regardless of the time of day or night.

Twitter user Dawsyn Eubanks recently experienced just how far her best friend would go in the name of friendship: she dressed up in disguise to follow Dawsyn on her first date and make sure everything went okay.

What, like you wouldn’t do the same for your best friend?

The best friend in question, named Georgia, texted Dawsyn during the date asking her why she wasn’t eating her food. Confused, Dawsyn responded accordingly.


When Georgia told her to turn around, Dawsyn saw her best friend sitting at the next table in hilarious “undercover” mode: wearing a black hoodie, sunglasses and a fake-ass mustache.


This is either pure, unadulterated friend-love, or next-level horror movie shit.


(Side note: prayers for Georgia’s waiter, who had to pretend that there was nothing unusual about serving a girl wearing a fake mustache.)

Dawsyn was, understandably, flabbergasted and amused by her friend’s shenanigans, and felt compelled to post the incident to Twitter. Since then, it’s garnered over 400,000 likes.

Even though the whole thing is slightly creepy in a Fatal Attraction kind of way, it’s also pretty admirable that Georgia would go to such ridiculous lengths to ensure that her friend wasn’t screwed over or taken advantage of by a potential suitor.

It just goes to show: best friends will always be there when you need them the most — even if you don’t invite them to be there, and they show up wearing a damn costume.

And, in case you were wondering, Dawsyn’s date was a success (despite her best friend’s alter-ego loitering in the background).

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