17 People Share The Most Mind Boggling Facts They’ve Ever Learned

Did you know that ants can stretch? Yes, these little six-legged insects actually stretch just like humans or dogs or cats do. Crazy right? We never cease to be amazed by the multitude of facts that we have yet to learn about the universe. It’s almost impossible to know it all, but a coming across a new piece of interesting information always excites us.

That’s probably why we couldn’t get enough of Reddit’s thread which asked its users about the most mind boggling facts they’ve ever heard. Let’s just say, the responses did not disappoint.

1. “The placebo effect can still happen when you know you’re taking a placebo.” – NukeTheWhales85

2. “In the mid-1880s Aluminum was more valuable than gold, now we use it expendably to wrap food.” – BadSarc

3. “Saudi Arabia imports sand and camels from Australia.” – GrabsWomensTits_Ass




5. “In WWII, an American airman by the name of Alan Magee survived a free fall from 22,000 ft without a parachute.” – Feverhorse

6. “Male Irish mummies are often found with nipple mutilations.” – MadameandSteve

“This leads many experts to believe Irish leaders wore nipple rings as kissing a King’s nipple was believed to be a sign of respect.”

7. “Eels actually have 2 jaws. The first being like a normal jaw, the second being hidden in their throat.” – Belledemort



“Each species have its own prime number of years they stay underground. The reason to be a prime number is that it reduces drastically the chance of two different species meet above ground in the same year and crossbreed, weakening the genes of both species.” – mycelo

9. “France was still executing by guillotine during the first Star Wars movie.” – OdmupPet

10. “There are roughly 200 corpses on Mount Everest that are used as way points for climbers.” – Scrappy_Larue



“That’s 262,500 people dying annually, 730 people dying daily and 30 people hourly, for 80 years straight.” – Sweston34

12. “Humans almost went extinct 75000 years ago.” – Coldkite

“Total population dropped to around 15000 destroying much of our bio diversity.”

13. “People have graffitied dicks onto the Great Wall of China that have existed for longer than the USA.” – 11122233334444

14. “The longest piece of literature, in the English language, is 3.5 million words long (and counting).” – JakkaAlpacca

“It is written by a 21 year old guy in Arizona, and is a fan fiction of Super Smash Bros Brawl.”

15. “There is more bacteria living inside a single person’s digestive system than the number of human beings who have ever existed in history.” – masterofevolution224




17. “Giraffes and humans possess the same amount of neck bones, the same.” – HorrorThe

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