Britney Spears Just Wanted To Remind Instagram That She Looks Great Naked, Thank You Very Much


Thanks to social media (and Kim Kardashian), we have a fairly steady stream of celebrity nudes and selfies at our disposal on a daily basis. (God bless America, or whatever.) However, there are a few that stand a cut above the rest.

For example: Britney Jean Spears recently took to Instagram to exercise her fundamental right to post saucy naked pics. Considering Britney doesn’t really post very much ~*racy*~ content, her followers are, naturally, loving it.

The photo features a topless Brit, coyly crossing her arms over her chest and biting her thumb in a highly Marilyn Monroe fashion (because Kylie Jenner isn’t the only one who can post a saucy, semi-revealing photo, y’all).

Thus far, the post has over 300,000 likes, with multiple followers proclaiming Britney as the “Queen.”

A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

Bow down, bitches.

Over the weekend, a made-for-TV movie about Britney’s life, called Britney Ever After (argh), aired on Lifetime. The movie took certain (*ahem*) “creative” liberties with casting, storyline and the overall talent level of its ensemble. As a result, the film was utterly savaged on Twitter by Britney fans and movie fans alike.

Perhaps this tasteful nude is just Britney’s way of assuring us that she is totally unaffected by the abominable film, and is still the Queen. After all, you haven’t really “made it” until someone makes a terrible movie about your life, right?

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