Here’s A Sneak Peek At The Next Season Of ‘Veep’ Just In Time For President’s Day

She’s not a veep, she’s not the president, and she’s not going to let that stop her from making a name for herself. The new teaser for Veep shows us what’s in store for our favorite fictional female politician.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus treated everyone to a President’s Day surprise when she tweeted a short preview of the next season of Veep:

If the turmoil of the real presidential election made you forget, President Selina Meyer lost her re-election bid at the end of season 5, leaving her out of office and feeling irrelevant. How irrelevant? She compares being an ex president to being a man’s nipple: “People go right by you to jerk off a dick.”

The teaser shows a defeated Selina dealing with options for her post-presidency including spreading democracy and hints of some kind of speaking engagement or punditry roll. “I was the first female president and I will not work for less than 87 cents on the dollar!” an angry Meyer spits before sheepishly adding, “And tell him I’ll stand at a glass podium and wear a short skirt.” (The glass podium/short skirt bit is a not-so-subtle jab at former FOX News president Roger Ailes who made sure all the FOX News desks were made of glass so you could see the anchors’ legs.)

Season 6 of Veep premieres on Sunday, April 19th on HBO.

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