Twitter Has Just Discovered J.K. Rowling’s Adorably Fuzzy Dog, And Everyone Is Fangirling

If I were banished to Internet Hell (entirely possible) and could only have one hashtag for the rest of my life, it would probably be #CelebrityDogs. I have never laid eyes a celebrity dog that I did not want to befriend, and I often find famous canines to be inherently more interesting than their famous owners.

Recently, I became aware of J.K. Rowling’s West Highland terrier, named Brontë, and am now infatuated with this white ball of fluff.

It is highly important that everyone take a moment to look at and enjoy this precious BB.




Brontë is such a good pup that she was even rated by the Twitter account, WeRateDogs. Not surprisingly, this rousing success of a dog received a 13/10.

J.K. Rowling was so pleased with the glowing dog review that she couldn’t even be frustrated about her apparent writer’s block.

Not surprisingly, Twitter wants to know everything there is to know about this little dumpling. Rowling has already revealed that Brontë’s namesake is Anne Brontë — though her kids insist that the dog’s namesake is actually a dinosaur.

Apparently, the little pupper has plenty of affectionate nicknames.

Brontë occasionally even “helps” Rowling while she works. (And by “helps,” I mean that Brontë lets her know when she is officially done with work and ready to cuddle.)

Some fans even suggested that perhaps Brontë herself is the answer to Rowling’s writing conundrum.

A truly top-notch pupper, and an enviable canine companion.

Congratulations, Brontë. You have earned the highly coveted Lindsey Robertson Award For Canine Excellence, courtesy of yours truly. You may claim your prize in-person by allowing me to give you pats.

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