Author Dragged West Elm For Their POS Couch & Now They’re Offering Refunds

If you haven’t yet read this article, which compares the author’s story of the worst piece of furniture she’s ever purchased with other burnt consumers’ accounts, you’re in for a treat. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Journalist Anna Hezel’s scathing piece for The Awl uncovered the hot mess that is West Elm’s Peggy sofa.

screen shot 2017 02 23 at 1 00 04 pm Author Dragged West Elm For Their POS Couch & Now Theyre Offering Refunds

Anna recounts her own history with this glorious dumpster fire:

Around when the throw pillows finally arrived, the couch began to disintegrate in small ways. We would scooch across a cushion at the wrong angle, and a button would pop off, leaving a fraying hole behind. We would lean back slightly too far, and all of the cushions would shift forward and over the edge of the couch in unison. As soon as one button had fallen off of our couch, it was like a spigot had been turned, allowing all of the other buttons to fall off, too. I emailed customer service and asked if this was normal. They sent me a button-repair kit, indicating that this probably happens a lot. The kit was backordered, so it arrived two full months later and contained a wooden dowel, two buttons, and some directions that didn’t make sense. One direction was to “Hold the cushion properly and make sure the pointed end of the stick is all the way through, until you can see both ends of the stick on each side of the cushion.” I tried in earnest to follow the directions, but the wooden dowel would not fit into the buttonholes, and the entire exercise left me with fewer buttons than I started with.

Similarly, other customers had already been complaining for years about buttons easily coming off their Peggy couch cushions.

For West Elm’s part, sending their disgruntled customers button repair kits was the only remedy they had. And other folks were sure to include their own tips for DIY’ing the solution.

screen shot 2017 02 23 at 12 56 39 pm Author Dragged West Elm For Their POS Couch & Now Theyre Offering Refunds

Honestly, if I could sew buttons on a cushion I would start my own damn furniture shop.

Some people haven’t had any problems yet, but are now living in terror:

Because of the extensive response to The Awl article, West Elm has removed the couch from it’s website, and is offering a refund to US and Canadian customers who purchased the sofa after July of 2014.

Although some haven’t been as lucky…

For $1200, this couch better do my taxes and give me a root canal.

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