14 Oddly Satisfying Home Goods You Never Knew You Needed

When you find something that’s just so utterly tingle-inducing you’ll find any excuse to use it again and again. And no, I’m not talking about 99% of the items in Emily’s weekly Sinners of Amazon post. I’m talking about that kitchen utensil that takes the work out of prep work. Or that item that just looks so pretty in your cabinet you can’t help but pat yourself on the back for such a great find.

For anyone who appreciates a little aesthetic pleasure with their utility, these items are for you.

1. This makeup brush cleaner that spin-cleans all the old grime out of your brushes, and instantly dries them.

Get it on Amazon for $49.99

2. This set of utensils that will get out every last bit out of your avocados and melons.


Get it on Amazon for $12.96

3. This set of colorful nesting bowls, including a set of strainers and measure cups.



Get it on Amazon for $44.99

4. This cutting board for anyone who spends too much time perfecting consistent slicing.


Get it on Amazon for $19.85

5. This mango splitter that slides perfectly down the pit… *shudders*


Get it on Amazon for $13.95

6. This 8-pack stack that grates, strains, measures, and more.


Get it on Amazon for $12.66

7. These Self-chilling Stemless Wine Glasses are a #WineWednesday game changer. 


Get a pair on Amazon for $42.39

8. This colorful lighting strip that lets you create a little more mood lighting.


Get it on Amazon for $79.00

9. This teacup with it’s own built-in strainer.

Get it on Amazon for $19.99

10. This glass cooking pot that “Besides being elegant and durable, glass is also non-porous and will not impart the food prepared with the flavors of past meals.”


Get it on Amazon for $200

11. This oil & vinegar set that holds both liquids in one container.


Get it on Amazon for $19.95

12. This bowl that lets you both rinse and strain your food.


Get it on Amazon for $19.97

13. This honeycomb drawer organizer so you never have to go searching for a matching pair again.


Get it on Amazon for $10.80

14. This skull sugar spoon that sifts out granules to make your morning coffee feel total badass.


Get it on Amazon for $10.99

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