Chrissy Teigen Was So Over The Oscars That She Fell Asleep During The Ceremony

If you were not lucky enough to watch the Academy Awards on Pacific Time (#humblebrag), then last night’s lengthy live broadcast probably left you exhausted and yearning to go to bed.

Well, you’re in good company.

Chrissy Teigen attended the Oscars with husband John Legend, who performed the two original La La Land pieces that were nominated for Best Original Song. And, since Chrissy is everybody’s favorite irreverent, convention-defying celeb, it is only natural that she approach the Oscars in the same casual and cavalier way that she approaches everything else.

So, what did she do? Well, Chrissy straight up fell asleep during the ceremony.

No, really. As the cameras panned around the audience, hoping to capture reaction shots, they managed to capture Chrissy’s priceless reaction to the entire evening: utter unconsciousness.

Naturally, the internet was 100% here for Chrissy Teigen falling asleep during an Academy Awards ceremony.

Some had a sneaking suspicion that Teigen’s conspicuous sleeping may have been a subtle protest of Casey Affleck’s controversial Oscar win.

Although she was also snoozing when they were announcing Best Actress, so maybe the nap wasn’t quite as political as everybody thinks (unless she, like Donald Trump, also thinks Meryl Streep is overrated).

In all likelihood, Teigen was probably just catching up on some much-needed sleep as a new mom.

She was sure to appease her Twitter followers and make a joke about her napping antics this morning, because she is basically Queen of the Internet.

Thanks for reminding us that this awards show is not nearly as meaningful as we might think, Chrissy.

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