Confused Husband Has No Idea Why His Wife Took Him To IKEA, Hilariously Documents The Entire Trip

Nathanael Showalter was recently dragged to IKEA by his wife, for reasons entirely unknown to him. But, like any good husband, he decided to take lemons and make lemonade, so he documented the entire, bizarre and infuriating experience, and subsequently posted photos of his journey to Reddit.

Naturally, the post has gained more than 25,000 upvotes, because many Redditors are men, and most men equate going to IKEA with one of the outer circles of Hell.

(It should be noted that, if you are a woman and you have attempted to take a whiny man to IKEA, Showalter’s photos and captions will definitely resonate with you as well.)

From the get-go, Showalter has no idea why his wife has brought him here.

Are they at IKEA to buy children’s furniture for the children that they don’t even have?

Maybe they’re here for candles?

What about ‘storage solutions’?

Showalter thinks that perhaps this wall of mirrors holds the answers.

… Or maybe not.

There are stuffed rats, for some reason.

Showalter is not impressed with the “sturdy” measuring spoons.

The continued presence of the stuffed rats still baffles him.

Oh, good. Napkins. That’s probably why they drove all the way to IKEA.

Showalter continues to have an existential crisis. He’s not sure who he sees in the showroom mirrors anymore.

His agreeable remark about a piece of framed art turns out to be a miscalculation.

Who even knows what these plants are/what they do??

Eventually, Showalter’s wife checks her Instagram and sees what her husband has been up to this entire shopping trip. He is busted.

Fortunately, they are leaving IKEA.

And fortunately, his wife says that she still loves him, even though he is no help at all on an IKEA shopping trip.

Everyone wins: Showalter got to leave IKEA unscathed, his wife got some cheap home furnishings, and the internet got another reminder that braving IKEA is only meant for the strongest and most enduring relationships.

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