This RA Read A Birthday Bedtime Story To One Of His Freshmen And Instantly Became A Meme

As it turns out, becoming a meme can be as simple as doing something nice for another person.

In fact, one college RA is making waves all over Twitter for the simple act of reading a bedtime story to one of his freshmen students.

When 19-year-old Andrew Kochamba started his first semester at the University of Tennessee last year, his dormitory’s Resident Assistant, Quamir Boddie (nicknamed “Q”), asked the incoming students if there was anything he could do to set them up for a better year.

Kochamba apparently replied that he would like to have a bedtime story read to him on his birthday.

Though the request was obviously meant as a joke, Boddie followed through on his promise when Kochamba’s birthday rolled around. “Q knocked on the door, rocking his PJs and a copy of the classic Leo the Late Bloomer by Robert Kraus,” Kochamba told BuzzFeed. “I got all situated, and Q stood on top of my desk chair and read.”


Photos of the unorthodox bedtime story soon took Twitter by storm, garnering over 60,000 likes and 13,000 retweets.

The internet simply couldn’t handle how sweet and pure this moment was.

Before long, the Twitterverse collectively decided to turn Boddie’s reluctantly patient face into a meme.

Boddie thinks his newfound internet celebrity is the “most hilarious thing ever,” and tells BuzzFeed, “I never ever in a million years would have thought I would be a meme. I did not think I did anything that would warrant it.”

This is 2017, Boddie. Never say never.

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