Twitter Is Rallying Around This Little Girl Who Only Had One Person Show Up To Her Birthday Party

Contrary to popular opinion, the internet does have a soul — and the easiest way to access it is an empty birthday party.

Kelsey Patton, an 18-year-old from Champaign, Illinois, has a little sister named Kinley who recently celebrated her sixth birthday. To celebrate, Kelsey’s mom and grandmother set up a princess-themed party for Kinley and her friends.

“My mom and grandma rented out the bar of a bowling alley and set up a table with her cake, balloons, silverware, ice cream, and little gifts for the girls who were going to come,” Kelsey tells BuzzFeed.

However, there was one, heartbreaking snag: only one party guest, a little girl named Jayla, bothered to show up.

Kinley and Jayla waited eagerly for other friends to arrive, but to no avail. Kelsey shared a heart-wrenching photo of the two friends gazing out the window, looking for the other party guests.

“My little sister’s birthday party is today and only one girl showed up,” Kelsey tweeted.

Kelsey told her followers that she felt horrible for her little sister, especially since she was too young to really understand that all of her friends had flaked out.

Kelsey told BuzzFeed that she and her mother told Kinley that her other friends couldn’t come because they were all sick. Though Kinley was sad and disappointed, she and Jayla managed to have a great time nonetheless.

“They were waiting for their friends to come but they never did so after about 30 minutes we decided to go in and start the game of neon mini golf,” Kelsey says. “They held hands and laughed and had a good time. They played in the arcade as well and got prizes with the tickets they won together.”

(If you need a cry break while reading this, please take your time.)

Twitter’s collective heart broke over Kinley’s disrespectful friends, and the fact that this little girl only had one party guest on her birthday.

But, you know what? The internet is always thirsty for justice, and it wasn’t long before began asking if they could send Kinley cards and presents and birthday wishes.

Some followers even tweeted at The Ellen Degeneres Show, encouraging them to throw a party for Kinley.

Kelsey gave a heartfelt thanks to her followers, and let them know how much Kinley appreciated all the birthday wishes — even if she didn’t fully understand what was going on.

“My grandma especially has been blown away by the support online,” Kelsey tells BuzzFeed. “We’re all very grateful and I’m excited for Kinley to receive all the cards that are being sent her way … She deserves the world.”

Moral of the story: sometimes the internet does nice things for little kids who deserve it.

As for Kinley’s so-called “friends?” You’re now on my Shit List.

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