Zara Is Getting Dragged On Twitter For Their Bullsh*t “Love Your Curves” Campaign

It’s no secret that the fashion industry has a long history of setting unrealistic body standards. The majority of models seen promoting clothing lines are your typical tall, slender and heavily photoshopped females. Yes, this stereotype is slowly beginning to evolve, but the industry still has a ways to go.

This was made blatantly obvious by Zara’s latest ad campaign “Love Your Curves.” While the message aimed to promote body positivity, the advertisement itself did the exact opposite and the internet cannot deal.

Zara’s ad campaign “Love Your Curves” is getting dragged on Twitter for its contradictory choice of two stick thin models.

Seriously, though? WHAT CURVES? Zara must’ve sought out the tiniest models they could find for this advertisement. Of course, it’s not the models’ fault and I’m not shaming them, but come on this is ludicrous.

According to The Tab, the ad was first spotted earlier today in Dublin by Irish radio presenter Muireann O’Connell, and has since been retweeted and liked thousands of times. Muireann made it clear that she did not intend to bodyshame the skinny models, but was outraged at Zara’s marketing department. She wrote: “It’s not the models fault. The marketing & art dept of Zara are assholes.”

We could not agree more.

Several people were dumfounded by the photo and mocked its obvious irony.

Some were desperately trying to find those “curves.”

But really, WHERE?

One follower suggested a typo…

And another photoshopped a more fitting ad.

While another shuddered to think what Zara must consider “skinny.”


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