15 People Reveal The Weirdest Question They’ve Been Asked In A Job Interview

Preparing for a job interview normally involves a higher-than-usual level of stress, somewhere up there with public speaking. Unless you’re some kind of mind reader, you cannot possible predict the outcome of employee “tryouts.” No matter how much you prepare, you’re stepping out of your comfort zone. And although you might have some idea of what to expect you never know when you could be thrown completely off guard.

These Redditors shared some truly strange questions they were asked during an interview – ranging from hilarious to downright illegal, and a few totally off-the-wall questions you never would’ve been able to prepare for.

1. 11181514 had to answer a tricky food question.

What is your favorite cheese, and how is it better than say, provolone?

2. Ajk891 was asked an odd sports question.

Why does a tennis ball have yellow fuzz on it?

3. Eskaminagaga got his vehicle searched.

“Mind if I go out to your car and look in your trunk?”
He did.

4. DayoftheDead was asked to bring a kitchen utensil.

I had a person ask me to bring a spoon to my follow up interview. I brought the spoon. I also got the job.

5. Dudestorm was asked an illegal question.

“What do your parents do for a living?”

Not legal. My roommate applied for the same job. His dad’s a truck driver and mines a doctor. I got the job.

Regardless of who was more qualified to get hired, that question is scummy as fuck.

6. Jotayeh’s interviewer got political.

“Who did you vote for?”

7. Cwebsterz was discriminated.

“And what church do you attend?”

“Oh, actually I’m not religious.”

“Well I think we’ve got everything we need to know, thanks for coming by.”

8. Sddxrx stood up for himself.

“Why are you divorced? ” I replied that the question wasn’t appropriate …. In the end I did get the position.

9. Karken1992 had a non-human question.

“If you were an animal, which animal would you be and why?”

10. Spinnah was judged by how she eats.

How would you make a peanut butter sandwich?

11. This guy deleted his username but had a crazy response.

“Go back in time to 1930. You have a chance to kill Hitler. Would you do it?”

12. 420GreenMachine didn’t kill anyone.

“Are you or have you ever been an axe murderer?”

I said “No, axes are too messy.”

Got hired at end of interview.

13. NeverEverCatchMeNow had an injury question.

“If you stub your toe on a piece of furniture, do you get angry?”

14. Medusa665‘s interviewer was on a different planet.

“Do you believe in the possibility of life on other planets?”

15. TheFreshOne had to confirm he wouldn’t touch the interviewer’s daughter.

“What is your stance on dating others in the office?”

Apparently, his ridiculously hot daughter worked as an assistant to one the other managers. He wanted to make sure, I’d stay clear of that.

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