5 Reasons To Say “Hell Yes” This Week

Take a moment to pat yourself on the back, friend. You’ve made it to the final day of the work week and there are only a few hours to go until freedom. There’s no denying this week was an eventful one, what with the president’s joint address and the devastating split of Orlando and Katy.

However, there are several positive developments that have come to light in the past few days as well. Take our girl Ri-Ri speaking at Harvard for instance *Whips pony tail* and that RA who read a bedtime story to his resident. These are just a few of our favorite stories from this week.

1. This RA reading a bedtime story to a freshman

One college RA is making waves all over Twitter for the simple act of reading a bedtime story to one of his freshmen students. When 19-year-old Andrew Kochamba started his first semester at the University of Tennessee last year, his dormitory’s Resident Assistant, Quamir Boddie (nicknamed “Q”), asked the incoming students if there was anything he could do to set them up for a better year.

Kochamba apparently replied that he would like to have a bedtime story read to him on his birthday. Photos of the unorthodox bedtime story soon took Twitter by storm, garnering over 60,000 likes and 13,000 retweets.

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2. These kick-ass best friends

After 20 years of marriage, wife and mother of 8 Heather discovered that her husband Joe had not only been cheating on her, but had knocked up his mistress and decided to leave the family. To make matters even worse, he stole his wife’s one treasured designer item, a Burberry scarf and gifted it to his side piece. Hell, no.

As shitty as this whole situation was, Heather was blessed with a couple of badass girlfriends who came to her rescue and we can only hope Joe is kicking himself for being such a complete POS.

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3. Rihanna accepting her humanitarian award

In between releasing pop masterpieces, touring the world, and just being a general badass, Rihanna’s busy with her most important work yet; saving the world. The Harvard Foundation awarded Rihanna The Humanitarian of the Year Award yesterday for all of her hard philanthropy ‘work work work work work work.’

She received the award for her foundation and charity work in Barbados and delivered a moving and inspiring speech yesterday to some of the smartest college students in the country.

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4. Tom Hanks just being himself

Thanks to the 45th President’s assertions that reputable news outlets are consistently reporting “fake news” about his administration, it is a particularly trying time in which to be a reporter. Fortunately, there are still some people out there who believe that the media deserves all the support it can get — even if that support is in the form of highly-concentrated caffeine.

NBC correspondent Peter Alexander tweeted out a photo of the White House Press Corp’s new espresso machine, courtesy of Super-Dad himself, Tom Hanks.

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5. This brutally honest beauty blogger

Ruth Lee, a 25-year-old beauty blogger, recently gave birth to an adorable baby girl in November of 2016. During her pregnancy, Ruth took special care to make sure that she was up to date on all possibly baby-related literature, and took as many preventative steps as possible to ensure that her body would “bounce back” once she had given birth.

After she gave birth, Ruth realized that adjusting to her postpartum baby body was a more emotionally-draining task than she had previously considered. She recently posted a selfie of her C-section from back in November, and got honest with her followers about the reality of giving birth.

Happy First Valentine's Day to my Valentine's Day baby. 🙈😜😍

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Happy Friday!

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