These Disney Princesses Reimagined As Women’s Rights Activists Are The Inspiration We Need Right Now

Disney princesses have often become the subject of re-imaginations due to their iconic role in pop culture. One artist is taking these recreations a step further by incorporating her experience at this year’s Women’s March to illustrate a collection of defiant, modernized princesses who fight alongside their sisters against issues like racism, sexism, and xenophobia.

Illustrator Amanda Allen Niday was inspired to create these resistance-motivated Disney princesses after witnessing the Women’s March in January.

The 27-year-old Oregon-based artist shared with Teen Vogue that she was deeply moved by the collective efforts of the Women’s March. So much so that she decided to channel her inspiration into her work.

“I felt inspired by the way women expressed themselves on their signs, from the witty and charming to the downright scathing. Women coming together from all backgrounds to say ‘we are HERE and we MATTER,’” Niday said. “I wanted to hold onto that message as my newsfeeds dissolved back into squabbling and finding faults in our difference, rather than understanding.”

Niday combined this spirit of protest and unity with our favorite Disney princesses. Each of the iconic women can be seen holding a sign that captures both real-world issues and their character’s story.

She selected messages that “would allude to their story as whole, had deeper meaning within the movie, or referenced modern issues.” Niday also gave each princess a more modernized wardrobe that fits into today’s society. She told Teen Vogue that she wanted to use these characters to “remind girls that they’re brave, strong and valuable” and “symbolize what women can or should do.” Hell yes. 

Snow White

 These Disney Princesses Reimagined As Womens Rights Activists Are The Inspiration We Need Right Now









Sleeping Beauty






Fa Mulan


Check out more of Amanda Allen Niday’s work on her Instagram and Society6 page.

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