Restaurant Owner Destroys ‘Privileged’ Customer Whose Yelp Review Was Full of ‘Alternative Facts’

Broadway Oyster Bar in St. Louis, Missouri sounds like a good restaurant. After 929 reviews on Yelp, BOB (as the oyster bar is known locally) has a rating of 4.5 stars. But one customer, Mary S., didn’t enjoy her visit—and she let the restaurant know on Yelp. That’s not uncommon, of course. But unlike so many other angry Yelp reviews, Mary S.’s review got absolutely destroyed by the owner himself. Ouch.

It all started when Mary S. wanted to hit up Broadway Oyster Bar for her birthday dinner. According to her account, the group had reservations which the restaurant didn’t honor, and, all around, the staff was “unwilling to work with us.” So Mary and her squad ended up leaving for another restaurant. “That was my FIRST and LAST time at BOB for matter of sheer principle only,” Mary wrote in the review, after blaming society as a whole for the staff’s behavior.

Read the full, super angry rant:



Of course, most owners aren’t pleased when their business gets slammed on Yelp. But John Johnson, the owner of Broadway Oyster Bar, wasn’t gonna take it.

The owner added his own response to Mary’s review, calling her out for, well, just about everything.

Those reservations Mary claimed to have? Yeah, that’s impossible. “You did not have a reservation simply because we do not take reservations,” John explained.

He didn’t stop there. Point by point, he tore apart Mary’s review, which he described as full of “alternative facts.” He called out Mary and her group for “infringing upon the personal space of those guests seated around you,” which is important, John wrote, because the restaurant’s has “a responsibility to ALL OF OUR GUESTS, NOT JUST YOUR PARTY.”

John added at the end, “Please be true to your word and NEVER COME BACK TO BOB. Guests like you we are happy to do without.” Then, I assume, John dropped the mic.

Check out his full response:



You’d think that’d be the end of it. Nope. Mary is still pissed.

Mary replied to John in an update to her original review. She argued, “While I could rebuttal all your inaccuracies from your very soured response I ask myself, why?” After doubling down on her complaints, she added, “I can’t help to think what someone like Jon Taffer host of Bar Rescue would think of all this.”


If nothing else, maybe we should give Mary credit for her bravery. If my Yelp review got called out for a bunch of lies, I probably wouldn’t have the courage to write yet another obnoxious rant.

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