This 18-Year-Old Makeup Artist Is Shutting Down People Who Say She Charges ‘Too Much Money’

Running one’s own business isn’t an easy task, particularly when you’re a teenager.

18-year-old Mikala Walker works as a professional makeup artist, doing proms and bridal events. She’s been practicing with makeup since she was 12, and her skills are undeniably on display all over her Instagram feed.

When it comes to her clients, Mikala tells BuzzFeed that she really does go the extra mile. “I try to provide exactly what each customer is looking for every time they come to me.I pride myself in having versatility with all skin tones and skin types.”

However, because Mikala is a teenager, some people have felt tempted to try to talk her down on her pricing in regards to makeup application.

For a full face of makeup, Mikala charges $75. Though this isn’t atypical for makeup artists, some people took umbrage to what they deemed as steep pricing for Mikala’s services.

So, Mikala decided to break down the costs of the products she uses when she applies an entire face of makeup on a client. And let me tell you: girl isn’t using drugstore makeup on people’s faces. The value of Mikala’s high end products adds up to a total of $635.

In other words, charging $75 is actually kind of a steal, considering the cost that goes into Mikala’s makeup toolbox.

Twitter was 100% behind Mikala asserting herself as a businesswoman, and nobody understood why people were giving her such grief for what is actually a highly reasonable rate.

Mikala may only be 18, but she’s not about to let people talk her out of charging professional prices when it comes to services rendered. After all, you get what you pay for.

Mikala tells BuzzFeed that she’s excited to own and operate her own business, and is looking forward to what the future holds.

“To have my own business and being able to say I work for myself since the age of 17 is such a liberating feeling,” she says. “To be a female entrepreneur means that I am showing the world that females are capable of accomplishing whatever they’d like to do and being able to do what you love with a passion is possible … I’d love to let people know that this is the generation of change, and that women can do whatever they set their mind to without regards to social limitations.”

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