15 People Shared The Weirdest Dates They’ve Ever Been On And They Did Not Disappoint

When life throws you blind dates, online hookups and speed dating, you’re bound to run into a cringeworthy, yet unforgettable story. That’s probably because people in general are weird or socially awkward and dating is one of the strangest situations on the planet.

Needless to say there are plenty of moments you probably wish you could erase from your dating history, which is why we asked our audience about their most bizarre encounters.

1. 10 minutes into the date he says, “Since we’re getting married I want you to know I love getting pissed on. More my face but chest is okay, too.”

2. After dinner he had a few drinks, took out his penis, pointed downwards and said “this is my area.”

3. To support a friend I went to speed dating night with her. 3rd round in this guy compliments my “birthing hips” and then tries to touch my stomach. Thank God it only last 3 minutes.

4. Went to a girls younger brother’s birthday party at Chuck E Cheese, we bumped uglies in the ball pit.

5. He took me to Pizza Hut. Where his friend was waiting in a booth. He said, “This is my best friend, he can sit somewhere else if you want but he’s our ride back to my place later.

6. The date was going well until we locked kissed. I literally choked because he couldn’t control his tongue. I declined the next date.

7. Was taken to a strip club on a first date – needless to say there was not a second date.

8. He wouldn’t stop talking about his toenails and how he hates his feet so he only cuts them quarterly. But asked if he cut them if I would go out with him.

9. I showed up to our date on time. The guy had already eaten half his meal and offered me the other half.

10. When I showed up for a blind date, he brought his mom along with him.

11. I met a coworker at a nice little hole in the wall taco place after our constant flirting at the office lead to him asking me out. We had good chemistry and conversation while we ate. After a couple of beers he pulled out his dick, got himself off in under 1 minute then said, “well that took the edge off.” I was shocked stiff but left ASAP. I found a new job a week later.

12. He told me to dress fancy. After he picked me up he took me to McDonalds. Seriously, why?

13. I went on a date with a med student and over pizza he proceeded to ask me my medical history and basically diagnose me with a potential endocrine disorder… He was right but I don’t think that’s what I had in mind for a dinner date. Or ever outside of a doctor’s office.

14. I didn’t know his “surprise” date was located in his bedroom. Not cool man.

15. Towards the end of the date I went to the bathroom. When I got back he and my purse was gone. My date robbed me and I didn’t see it coming.

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