The New Target Kids Shirt Is Making Moms Everywhere Slow-Clap

When Target is mentioned in the news, it’s typically as a result of a controversial decision — such as the the time Target took a stand on the transgender bathroom issue, or when the company made a promise to move away from gender-based signage in their stores. It seemed as though the company couldn’t make any sort of moves toward inclusivity without internet trolls getting their panties in a twist.

Fortunately, it seems like Target may have finally gone through with a creative decision that everyone can just shut up and be happy about.

The company’s Cat & Jack line features a new T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan “Strong Like Mom.” The Cat & Jack line is comprised of gender-neutral clothing that appeals to both young boys and girls, and frees them from the confines of having to choose a pink, princess-y shirt versus a macho, monster-truck shirt.

screen shot 2017 03 07 at 10 23 33 am The New Target Kids Shirt Is Making Moms Everywhere Slow Clap

Shirts for little boys often include phrases about being “Strong Like Dad,” but young kids are rarely encouraged to acknowledge the fact that mom is strong, too.

Not surprisingly, moms everywhere are in love with the shirt’s message (and appreciate how cute it looks on their kids).

Moms are now speaking out about the importance of this sort of branding in children’s clothing.

“I find Cat & Jack to be very refreshing,” mother and found of MommyhoodtoHollywood, Michelle Rivera, told TODAY. “What a wonderful concept to have stylish T-shirts that can be worn by both girls and boys, while also including empowering, positive and inspirational messages on them. I love the message, ‘Strong Like Mom,’ which is not only targeted for the girls to wear, but is for boys to wear, too.”

That said, some parents are kind of uncomfortable about the possibility of their sons wearing the shirt, and think it is better suited for young girls.

“If it was for girls, I would definitely get it for my daughter. But if it was for my son, I don’t necessarily think l want him saying ‘strong like mom,'” mother Debra Mogaii told CBS Los Angeles.

But honestly? It’s not only about what the parents want — it’s about what the kids want, too.

“When Target’s internal design team set out to develop the line, we spent many hours talking with real families,” Target company spokesperson Sarah Zeman told TODAY. “Parents said they’re looking for something nice, that’s high quality, but also available at an affordable price. For kids, it’s all about expressing themselves in a way that shows off their unique personalities.”

The shirt seems to be a positive step toward Target’s progressive goals, and it seems like most parents are on board — however, I’m sure people will find a reason to be pissed off about this in no time.

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