Heroic Boyfriend Trades Shoes With His Girlfriend To Help Her Pass Her Midterms

Guys don’t get many opportunities to be chivalrous these days, so they often have to resort to somewhat bizarre displays of valor for their significant others.

Take Mark Cadiz, for example, who recently came to his girlfriend Vanessa’s aid during midterms by gallantly wearing her shoes and giving her his sneakers.

I know, I know: why would such a swap ever be necessary? How is wearing women’s shoes gallant? Well, Vanessa was about to have her chem lab and forgot to wear closed-toe shoes — a move which would have prevented her from doing the lab work, and likely would have affected her grade in the class.

screen shot 2017 03 10 at 12 43 20 pm Heroic Boyfriend Trades Shoes With His Girlfriend To Help Her Pass Her Midterms


So, Mark offered to switch and valiantly wore Vanessa’s sandals around until she was finished with her lab work (and likely earned himself some compliments in the process).

It’s like an actual Cinderella story! (If the Prince had taken Cinderella’s glass slipper and given her his shoes in exchange … okay, I guess it’s not a Cinderella story at all.)

People tried to detract from Mark’s sweet gesture by throwing shade at his shoe size, but Mark wasn’t embarrassed about his petite feet.

His girlfriend, Vanessa, found the whole thing to be vastly entertaining — even the foot-shaming.

Although Vanessa was prepared to dish it out the disses, she wasn’t prepared to take people’s insinuations that perhaps she was the one with the “abnormal” foot size.

Whatever, we’re all losing sight of the important thing here, which is that Mark willingly wore his girlfriend’s sandals around in public so that she would have the opportunity to get a good grade in her chemistry lab! It isn’t the most orthodox form of chivalry, but you know what, us romantics will take what we can get during these trying times.

Also, Mark and Vanessa discovered that they can officially steal shoes from each other’s closets now! It’s the best possible happily ever after!

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