5 People Who Had A Rougher Weekend Than You Did

If you woke up with a serious case of the Mondays today, it might be time to put things in perspective.

Here are some individuals who somehow managed to make things much worse for themselves this weekend and/or had some rather unfortunate career setbacks, in full view of the general public.

Just be thankful you’re not one of them, mmkay?

1. Preet Bharara

5 people who had a rougher weekend than you did 24 5 People Who Had A Rougher Weekend Than You Did

Preet Bharara announced on Saturday that he had been terminated as the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York. The announcement came after Bharara refused to comply with Jeff Sessions’ order for all 45 attorneys that were holdovers from the Obama administration to resign.

The move was not entirely unusual for a new administration, but this sort of replacement usually doesn’t happen so quickly, and doesn’t happen without replacements.

2. Sean Spicer

During Friday’s press briefing at the White House, Press Secretary Sean Spicer wore his requisite American Flag pin upside down, which struck many viewers as both a poetic and apt representation of what is currently happening with the Trump administration.

It’s funny, but also the tip of the iceberg in terms of reasons to sob into the gaping void.

3. Urban Outfitters

It seems that nobody can stop laughing about Urban Outfitters new “shirt”: the “Out From Under Extreme Crop Tank Top Shrug.”

It would be extremely generous to refer to this scrap of clothing as a “shirt,” a “crop top,” or even a “dish rag.” For all intents and purposes, this shirt is simply Urban Outfitters making the most out of a batch of factory errors, hoping that they can con unwitting millennials into paying full price for half a shirt.

This cropped “wife beater” (can we retire this term, please??) has been removed from the site, but its embarrassing legacy lives on, via screenshots.

4. Criss Angel

5 people who had a rougher weekend than you did 25 5 People Who Had A Rougher Weekend Than You Did

You don’t need to feel sympathy for Criss Angel, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have a rougher weekend than you did.

During a recent performance on Friday, Angel was attempting a stunt which involved hanging upside down and escaping from a straightjacket. After struggling to release himself, Angel allegedly passed out. The curtain was lowered, and Angel was rushed to the ER.

Although he apparently walked out of the hospital that very same evening, it was probably a slightly more humiliating moment in the magician’s already fairly embarrassing existence.

5. Demi Lovato

Poor Demi.

During the Kids’ Choice Awards ceremony on Saturday, Demi was in the middle of presenting when she was blasted with (what else?) green slime. The thing is, it seems that Demi was completely unprepared for the sudden spurt, as she was left dripping and in shock.

“Sliming” may be a customary piece of the Kids’ Choice Awards pie, but that doesn’t mean that the slime didn’t completely ruin Demi’s dress, hair and makeup for the evening.

The photo op was meant to be cute, but was honestly just cringe-y instead.

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