Everyone Is Roasting This Trump Advisor For His Comically Villainous Inauguration Outfit

Perhaps we were all distracted by the nonexistent crowds or our attempts to ignore Three Doors Down, but we somehow managed to overlook a very important facet of the 2017 Presidential Inauguration.

Former Trump advisor and foul-mouthed Twitter bully, Roger Stone, apparently showed up to the inauguration in January wearing what can only be described as the costume of some sort of diabolical bank teller with an aversion to sunlight.

No, really. Feast your eyes.

If you don’t remember Roger Stone, perhaps I can jog your memory: Stone supported Trump’s assertion that former President Obama wire-tapped the phones at Trump Tower, and when a female Twitter user dared to question his accusation, he called her a “stupid ignorant ugly bitch.”

So, don’t feel too bad about laughing at his outfit.

And, in the weirdest possible twist, it turns out that Stone is actually the men’s fashion correspondent for The Daily Caller when he isn’t spewing bigotry — which certainly helps to explain his flamboyant fashion choices.

Regardless: although the inauguration is a memory that was long ago suppressed in many of our minds, Twitter is now revisiting this specific fashion gem from a few months ago, and is roasting Stone to hell and back.

Some people can’t help but draw comparisons between Stone and other top-hatted, sallow-faced villains.

Other people just think he looks like the most unflattering possible caricature of a soulless rich dude.


And other Twitter users just think he looks like a straight-up dead person.

But, perhaps the real explanation is much more simple.

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