This Woman’s Tweets About Finding Poop In Her Blanket On A Delta Flight Are Truly Incredible

We all have air travel horror stories — but at least most of those stories don’t involve another person’s poop.

Nicole Byer, a UCB improviser and a comedian on MTV’s Girl Code, recently had the most scarring experience on her Delta flight: she pulled out the in-flight blanket and discovered that it appeared to be filled with feces.

Yes, you read that correctly. Girl thought she could snuggle up in a regular blanket, and got herself a poo blanket instead.

Byer posted a dark and blurry photo of the offending piece of excrement to Twitter, expressing her disbelief at such a disgusting and bizarre occurrence.

If you’re having difficulty spotting the poop, allow me to lighten up that photo for you:

this womans tweets about finding poop in her blanket on a delta flight are truly stomach churning 2 This Womans Tweets About Finding Poop In Her Blanket On A Delta Flight Are Truly Incredible


Good thing she had that barf bag handy — although, considering the circumstances, it could very well have been full of vomit.

Nicole literally could not believe her misfortune, and explained that she would have taken a better photo of the poop nugget if she hadn’t been so emotionally traumatized.

Honestly, the whole thing is not only horrifying, it’s a maddening mystery: who would poop in a blanket? And, more importantly, why? How did they do it? Did they take it into the bathroom and just drop a deuce? Did they run out of toilet paper in the airplane lavatory? The questions abound!

Nicole said that she did tell alert her flight attendant to the “situation,” but the damage had already been done.

Not surprisingly, Nicole was not alone in her disgust. Her Twitter followers could not believe what they were seeing.

Some people tried to (understandably) make light of the situation. Because when life hands you poop blankets, you make … poop-blanket-ade?

The most shocking facet of this whole mystery is the fact that Delta seemed fairly unperturbed about the entire situation. In fact, they simply advised Nicole to say something to her flight attendant.

Um, what about payment for emotional damages, Delta??

Nicole couldn’t believe that the airline didn’t even offer her an apology or attempt to rectify the situation in any way.

Hope you’re cool with losing another customer, Delta — because you’re not coming back from “Sorry you found human shit in your blanket.”

theBERRY reached out to Delta for comment, but did not immediately receive a reply.

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