5 Reasons To Say “Hell Yes” This Week

Give yourself a pat on the back friend, you’ve persevered through this seemingly endless week and have finally reached Friday. Thank god. Though this week was an exhausting one, there was plenty of uplifting news to get us through it.

So, before you skip out the door and enjoy your well deserved weekend take a moment to look back on all of the positivity the past few days had in store.

1. This badass woman running for congress

Alejandra Campoverdi is currently running for Congress in California, and it seems that the media is only concerned about one thing: the fact that, at one point in her life, Campoverdi posed for Maxim.

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Though this information shouldn’t be vilifying, the fact has followed Campoverdi around her entire political career, and she’s utterly sick of it. So, she decided to pen an essay for Cosmopolitan in which she speaks frankly about how the Maxim experience effected her career and influenced her perception of sexism in politics and the workplace.

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2. This girl who tells a powerful story through body art

At the age of 12, Ash Soto noticed a small spot on her neck. A few months later, another spot appeared. And then another. Soon after, they covered the majority of her body. Soto was diagnosed with vitiligo, which causes patches of your skin to lose pigmentation. In addition to the condition itself, Soto also had to deal with bullying.

Now, Soto uses her body—and her condition—to create beautiful art.

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3. This mom gracefully defying breakup norms

Jessica Singleton is a single mom from Chipley, Florida. She is raising her young son, Pierson, with the help of her ex, who endeavors to stay as involved in their son’s life as possible. Singleton recently wrote a Facebook post thanking her ex-partner for his truly admirable support, and for still being her partner in parenting.

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4. Ryan Reynolds relating to parents everywhere

Traveling can be an exhausting endeavor, but it’s especially draining when you add multiple toddlers to the process. The struggle is real and even celebrity parents know this to be true. Take Deadpool star and father of two Ryan Reynolds for instance. In a recent appearance on Good Morning America, Reynolds discussed the painstaking process of traveling with little ones and we can totally relate.

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5. This grandmother who proves you’re never too old to party

Growing old doesn’t have to mean growing up—just look at Doreen Grett, who’s clearly a legendary grandma. She partied in Mexico with her granddaughter and other college students who were on spring break.

“My grandma is in Mexico taking shots with random girls on the beach and posting pics of it with captions like they’re bff’s..” Grett’s granddaughter Payton wrote on Twitter.

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